class VR::ListView

Public Class Methods

new(cls) click to toggle source

The new() constructor takes a Hash that defines the columns as its only argument. The Hash defines symbols as the keys to give an ID to each column. The Hash also defines the type (class) of the column. A simple constructor looks like this:

@view = => String, :date => DateTime)

You can create columns with any type of data including your own classes, and classes subclassed from ActiveRecord::Base. The common types that are included by default are:

  • String - Displays and edits as a String.

  • Integer - Displays number, edits like a String.

  • FixNum - ditto

  • Integer - ditto

  • Float - ditto

  • DateTime - Displays in a default date format(editable), edits like a String

  • TrueClass - Displays as a GtkCheckButton, click checkbox to edit

  • Gdk::Pixbuf - Just an Image, uneditable

  • VR::CalendarCol - Displays in a default date format(editable), calendar window to edit.

  • VR::SpinCol - Displays as a number with default number of digits, edits like a Gtk::SpinButton

  • VR::ComboCol - Displays String, edits like a Gtk::ComboBoxEntry

  • VR::ProgressCol - Displays a Gtk::ProgressBar, uneditable

  • VR::TextCol - For long strings. Displays first 20 characters in view, edits with simple text editor.

You can also add your own user-defined column types. See: Adding Your Own Objects to ListView.

# File lib/treeview/ListView.rb, line 34
def initialize(cls)
  hash = flatten_hash(cls)
  vals = hash.values
    self.model =*vals)

Public Instance Methods

add_row(hash = {}) click to toggle source

This will add a row to the data model, and fill-in the values from a Hash. This example would add a row to the model and set the name and email fields:

@view.add_row(:name => "Chester", :email => "")
  • hash: A ruby Hash object with pairs of column ISs (symbols) and values.

# File lib/treeview/ListView.rb, line 77
def add_row(hash = {})
                row = vr_row(model.append)
                hash.each_pair { |key, val| row[key] = val }
        return row
select_row(row_number = 0) click to toggle source

This method will select a given row number. The row will be hilighted, and the Gtk::Selection object will point to that row. It uses the Gtk::TreeView#set_cursor method to move the cursor to the specified row.

  • row_number: Integer (FixNum)

# File lib/treeview/ListView.rb, line 65
def select_row(row_number = 0)
        set_cursor(, nil, false)